Polar Wind Series Products

Quick pointers to product datasheets:
    • PWG-1 - 1 kW Permanant Magnet Axial Flux Generator for Renewable Energy Applications.
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    • PWT-1 - 1 kW Turbine for Residential, Small Commercial, Remote Power, Battery and Grid-Tie Applications. 6.5' High by 4' Wide.
    • PWT-3 - 3 kW Turbine for Commercial, Communications Facilities, Billboards, Emergency Lighting Systems, Marine, Remote Data Collection, Battery or Grid-Tie. 9' High by 5' Wide.
    • PWT-5 - 5 kW Turbine for Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Grid Interactive. 11' High by 6' Wide.
    • PWT-12 - 12 kW Turbine Systems for Commercial Real Estate, Small Wind Farms, Industrial Parks, LEED Buildings and Other Grid Interactive Requirements. 13' High by 8' Wide.

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PWT-1 in Wind Tunnel